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Current Endorsements

LA County Central Committee, 51st AD

Deanna Igelsrud

Erick Matos

Eddie Mendoza

Rebecca Pynoos

Susan Sheu

Michael Soloff

Danielle Wilson

LA County District Attorney

No Consensus


Seat 39 – George A. Turner, Jr.
Seat 48 – Ericka J. Wiley
Seat 93 – Victor Avila
Seat 97 – Sharon Ransom
Seat 115 – Christmas Brookens
Seat 130 – Leslie Gutierrez
Seat 135 – Georgia Huerta
Seat 137 – Tracey M. Blount

Ballot Measures

YES on State Proposition 1

Authorizes $6.38 Billion in Bonds to Build Mental Health Treatment Facilities for Those with Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges; Provides Housing for the Homeless. Legislative Statute.

Out of District Endorsements

Congressional District 27 – George Whitesides
Assembly District 54 – Mark Gonzalez
Glendale Unified School District Area A – Telly Tse

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